Indonesia territory covers vast area extending from Sabang in the west to Merauke in the east, approximately from San Francisco to New York, and from Weh Island in the north to Rote Island in the south. It includes some 1.9 million km2 land of over 13,000 islands and 7.9 million km2 of waters. With its population of over 200 million some say that Indonesia is 'a giant in the sleep.' It is very natural to realize that the need for infrastructure development have been growing and growing. Indonesia has been actively implementing the development in every sector to create a just and prosperous society. The nation has been committed to develop the infrastructures to support the national development carried out by government as well as private sectors. This requires active participation of professionals from various fields of engineering.

In December 1993, STUDIO PROPENTA PERSISTEN INDONESIA was founded by a number of professionals who realize their responsibilities to the development of the nation. Their mission is putting together their knowledge to assist the government and the private sectors in undertaking engineering projects as well as solving various engineering problems. In 1995, STUDIO PROPENTA PERSISTEN INDONESIA was changed legally to PT PROPENTA PERSISTEN INDONESIA ©.

In a relatively short period PROPENTA¬© has been entrusted by the government and private sectors as well as other consultants to carry out numbers of engineering projects. This is the result of its commitment on quality, productivity, and efficiency such that the completion of the project is beneficial to all parties.

Its commitment on advancement cannot be over emphasized. PROPENTA© has solved numerous challenging tasks innovatively and ingeniously to achieve sound solutions. PROPENTA© also holds several patents in construction engineering, retrofitting and strengthening, as well as in lumber stress grading methods and apparatus. Its domestic and international networking environments have been among PROPENTA's highest values.

With its experts' qualification ranging from well-experienced engineer to doctorate-degree, PROPENTA© has become a reliable source to carry out creative and efficient engineering tasks. These also enable PROPENTA© to actively participate in the national development and to move toward a better future.

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